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Hand-washing sinks

Monolith’s hand-washing sinks are very functional and easy to use in all work environments that require reliable and professional tools. Our wide selection of stainless-steel hand-washing sinks can satisfy all the different needs for space and quality of each customer. 

Monolith has selected a set of special models of industrial kitchen hand-washing sinks from the product family called ARES for its customers. Our products are characterized by a self-closing control mechanism that can be activated by a knee-operated or a foot-operated action. They allow users to reduce water consumption and achieve the best performance in terms of energy efficiency.

All our stainless-steel hand-washing sinks are equipped with spout, with a variable time from 4 to 6 seconds, and a number of accessories, such as the siphon.

Contact us and ask for more information about our industrial kitchen hand-washing sinks: we are at your complete disposal to help you choose the best product for your needs.