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Electronic bathroom faucets

All Monolith’s electronic bathroom faucets are characterized by an elegant and innovative style, that underlines our great attention to functionality and design in order to create high-quality products in harmony with the furnishings of every environment.

In our catalogue you can find electronic taps powered by battery or electricity, produced and designed by our experts that wish to satisfy all the needs of our customers in terms of quality and design. Our electronic faucets are entirely made in Italy and are designed with the purpose of achieving the maximum level of energy efficiency: the control through a photocell allows the reduction in water and energy consumption and a more efficient use.

Monolith’s electronic faucets are very robust and reliable and are ideal for bathrooms in public spaces such as shopping centres, airports or restaurants. Moreover, their design is modern and attractive and it is perfect for every public environment.

Contact us and ask for more information about our electronic taps powered by battery or electricity: we are at your complete disposal to help you choose the best product for your needs.