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Industrial kitchen pre-rinse units

Single-hole professional pre-rinse units with shower head – basic line

Monolith’s single-hole deck-mounted pre-rinse units with shower head represent a practical and functional solution for industrial kitchens: the ergonomic shape of the shower head and the handle allows a firm and comfortable grip during the use of the faucet. 

Our products are designed and produced for all the professionals of this sector and our one-hole industrial kitchen pre-rinse unit with shower head is the best choice to combine comfort and functionality. Moreover, all the models of our pre-washing groups with shower head are also equipped with a rubber protection in order not to be damaged, and are realized with a special material, PA6 Plastic, that complies with all the laws regarding the contact with foodstuffs. All Monolith’s pre-rinse units are entirely made in Italy and are very durable and resistant to high temperature and chemical substances

Contact us and ask for more information about our single-hole pre-rinse units with shower head: we are at your complete disposal to help you choose the best product for your needs.