Our Mission
Meeting market demands with
tailored solutions and customized products

Meet the increasingly diverse needs of customers, even creating customized products to meet the most specific demands of the market or individual customers.

Continue to improve the performance of our services ensuring the reduction of lead times and rapid response times in the study and design of new products, together with the analysis of new and ever more environmentally sustainable materials.

Monolith industries
manufacturers of taps and faucets for
hospitality, catering and industrial facilities

For many years Monolith has been significant faucet manufacturer and Italian tapware producer developing authentic high quality and polished design. Constant development and unique experience on Italian market helped Monolith to create exclusive and valid alternative to the most important producers of plumbing accessories and components including Italian faucets for commercial kitchens.

The company was created by several entrepreneurs in the plumbing division desiring to find a trademark that could take advantage from the productive potential and technical experience of their respective business. Today it is a leading company in the production of Italian tapware.

Following highest standards, Monolith designs and is the manufacturer of Italian faucets for kitchens, restaurants, company refectories, hospitals and hotels, creating both standard and customized solutions according to clients' specifications. The company specializes in the wholesale selling of faucet systems both single and double bore, as well as in selling of stop and drainage taps. Additionally, a wide selection of accessories is available, since Monolith covers the entire range of Italian-style tapware.

Since the company's birth in 2006 particular attention was paid to design and realization. From the beginning till now this is a binomial that Monolith translated into a sequence of articles - the solution to our customers requirements that combines design Made In Italy, new functionality and high quality.

Our Italian faucets are not only products but also solutions based on specific customer's request and general modern requirements to commercial and industrial kitchen.