Monolith quality
from concept and product design up to the production cycle

Certification DNV




Quality: always a key word in the company philosophy of Monolith. The primary objective is indeed to ensure the optimum quality of both products and services, starting with the design and continuing through every stage of the production cycle.

Our success is the result of specific research into materials and techniques that are designed to meet the various needs of customers in different markets.

Furthermore, our sensitivity to ecological sustainability and the environment has led us to design products where, though the use of specific devices, it has been possible to limit flow rates, with a significant saving of water.

The Monolith company has always paid careful attention to the quality of its products. Since 2011, in fact, all the processes and control systems comply with the ISO 9001 standard.

All our products are subjected to thorough checks and also special tests before being placed on the market. The entire production cycle is carried out in our plant, which maximizes the logistical and organizational resources, and ensures excellent lead times.

This determines the success of our company, always driven by the will to meet the specific demands of customers. Monolith is committed to the study of cutting edge materials and the continuous innovation of production equipment.

For this reason the design of the moulds forms an intrinsic part of the productive system, and their in-house manufacture translates into greater quality control over all stages of production.

Monolith also places great importance on the development of its human resources within the company. The highly qualified employees are deeply committed to the organization and are strongly motivated to reach the objectives set by the company each year.

The engineering and production managers are constantly kept up-to-date through in-house training courses and refresher courses.

The personnel works in total safety. All design and manufacturing processes are carried out with technologies aimed at protecting and respecting the environment and the entire ecosystem.