Electronic faucets

Electronic faucets manufactured by Monolith, as well as taps and any other plumbing component, are characterized by outstanding efficiency and comfort, in addition to an innovative design essential to meet the style of different working environments. From hotels and restaurants to large plant kitchens, the Italian company supplies electronic taps and plumbing elements ensuring accurate selection of materials and providing updated expertise as for the technological components. Discover the whole range of electronic faucets in our online catalog. Click the images to discover more details and enjoy innovative electronic technologies in your kitchen: faucets, taps and other accessories that we produce are made to make your working environment easy, functional and stylish. Feel free to contact us to request detailed information about any particular electronic faucet model and get a free online estimate or a qualified advice concerning the choice of the most suitable model for your industrial kitchen. Our electronic sensor for faucets and taps for industrials kitchens introduce cutting edge technologies on the international market. Together with quality and functionality Monolith pays particular attention to design and realization: we offer tailor made products to meet every customer’s requirements in design and functionality. We have the answers to your individual process needs, we design and deliver special electronic faucets that integrates perfectly with the elements of the kitchen in your hotel or restaurant. Request a free estimate online: our consolidated staff will be glad to give you specialized assistance.