Monolith: industrial taps for kitchen and bathroom

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Are you looking for new deck-mounted or wall-mounted faucets to renovate your hotel or restaurant? Would you like to modernize your bar counter choosing a product with great design? Do you need a tap that can satisfy the necessity of saving water inside the bathroom of a public place?
On our website you can find a wide selection of products, from bar-counter faucets to industrial taps for professional kitchens, from electronic and self-closing taps for your bathroom to comfortable hanging shower taps! Our industrial taps are carefully divided into “families”, in order to consult them and select the best model for your needs with great simplicity.
You can choose from a great variety of faucets produced with innovative production techniques and cutting-edge materials, that respect the environment and allow people to save a significant quantity of water. All our products undergo a careful check of the compliance with quality standards, especially the compliance with the law ISO 9001. Before being placed on the market, they are tested according to standard and certified procedures.
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