Rubinetteria Monolith is also committed to respecting the environment. In fact, following the UN's 17 goals for sustainable development, Monolith Srl participates in the implementation of goals 6 and 12: 6. "Clean water and sanitation", 12. "Responsible consumption and production".


Regarding objective 6. 'Clean water and sanitation':

- we recommend that our customers install a filter tap at the water mains inlet to filter the water upstream and prevent impurities from entering the supply system so that the cleanest possible water is always used ;

- in addition, we recommend the use of filter gaskets to be systematically installed on electronic taps to prevent impurities, present in the water coming from the mains, from entering the delivery system. As a result, the electrovalve remains clean and the product life cycle continues.



Relating to UN Sustainable Development Goal 12: 'Responsible Consumption and Production':

-          on all Monolith pre-rinse units and taps, it is possible, in order to reduce water quantities, to install a flow regulator. This regulator can be installed between the flex and the hand shower or directly on the sink flex in combination with non-return valves. In this way, Monolith faucets offer you the possibility of reducing the water flow rate to 2L/min, 4L/min or 6L/min ;

-          on mixers with a spout, on the other hand, we can provide you with aerators, flow limiters. They are installed directly on the spout to reduce the flow rate to 3.8L/min, 6L/min or 8.4L/min. In this way, you save water and energy.



At the production level, photovoltaic panels are already installed on the roof of the Monolith tap factory. We have plans to increase the installation with the aim of self-producing 30% energy.



In addition, machine fluids are recycled in the production department. In fact, the oil and water useful for the operation of the machines due to specific properties, once used are cleaned for a second life and are sent for example into the cooling streams, before being recycled.



Finally, also in application of UN goal 12 for sustainable development, 'Responsible Consumption and Production', Monolith Srl installed filters to filter the smoke emitted by the machinery. These filters are composed of different thicknesses and levels making us almost 100% neutral in the emission of gases into the air.



For these processes of care for raw materials and the environment, Monolith Srl is ISO 14 000 and ISO 9 000 certified

Finally, again with the aim of reducing environmental impact, the packaging of Monolith Srl is 100% recyclable. Cardboard and recyclable plastic. Simple and respectful.