Pre-rinse units, mixers and taps of Rubinetteria Monolith,
not only offer remarkable quality, they bring elegance to your kitchen. 

With ERA and EROS Premium Lines,

Monolith offers the BLUE ! 

To be different and bring elegance, modernity and colour
to your bar, hotel and restaurant,
choose blue Monolith faucets.



1)    ERA and EROS families

Discover the line of one hole and two holes Blue Premium Pre-Rinse units from ERA Family.
The colour version is also available in the line of taps and mixers from EROS Family. 


2)    Style and elegance

For more than quality, we have developed this line to offer you an added value: elegance.

For an amazing stylefreshness and lightness
in your industrial kitchen. 

3)    Details

Moreover, Rubinetteria Monolith also works with accuracy on the look of its products.

Indeed, if you choose Blue Premium Pre-Rinse Units, the spare parts will match with the entire model:

from the shower handle, to the wall-fixing kit, from the clinical lever to the spring bush


Why choosing the BLUE of Rubinetteria Monolith?

To be different and change from the classic Black.
For quality, resistance and solidity of the Premium models.

The caracteristics of Monolith faucets do not change in blue.
They are the same but the colour gives an added value:
elegance and style to your kitchen.


For any further information, do not hesitate to contact us.