Steam Security Groups

Rubinetteria Monolith presents its ATENA product family, cooking items.

Let's start with the steam security groups. They prevent overpressure in the structure of the pan. It is made up of various parts : lung, security valve, pressure relief valve and pressure gauge.

Monolith steam security groups can be composed according to your needs with the elements we have available.


Monolith steam security groups consist of :
a pressure gauge, a security valve and a pressure relief valve.
The pressure gauge measures the pressure of the pan structure so that the operator can monitor the pressures. Inside the structure, the cooking water rises in temperature and turns into steam, which increases the pressure. When the pressure reaches 0.5 bar, the security valve opens automatically and thus the pressure in the cavity chamber is lowered.
The pressure relief valve works in the same way when the pressure is below -0.02 bar. Depression can be created by adding cold water when water is boiling.


Let us introduce to you to the structure of the steam security group.

To support the pressure gauge, the security valve and the pressure relief valve, the following 3 parts are required: the pressure chamber,
the pressure gauge valve and the pressure gauge siphon.

All the components are chrome-plated brass made.