The Premium Line

This month of July, Monolith introduces to you its PREMIUM LINE. Such as the Basic Line, we are producers of the Premium Line as well and the quality is 100% Made in Italy. The only difference consists of the SHOWER HANDLE. Discover more about its differences and benefits!

The Premium Line


Unlike the Basic line, it has a flow control thanks to a locking ring to keep the water flow on. The ergonomical shower handle was designed on purpose for an easy use.

Moreover, it is solidshockproof with a rubber protection and its high quality enables a long life use.

It is also resistant to corrosion and easily cleanable. If you wish to avoid any impurity, on the Premium shower handle, you can add a filter.

Finally, with the Premium Line, on all our industrial kitchen pre-rinse units, the plastic clinical levers and the shower handles are also available in blue color!

Discover more about Monolith Srl elegant working tool, the PREMIUM Line benefits on and check out our catalog to choose the unit which best suits your desires and needs.


Premium Line benefits: