Attention, prevention.

Although Monolith foot-operated taps are designed to last in time, the maintenance required depends mainly on normal wear and tear of the product or damage to the closing parts, e.g. caused by shocks.

What is the problem you might encounter?

Non-closure or delayed closure.

The foot-operated tap operates mechanically by means of a lever pressure that causes the valve to slide from the outside to the inside of the pedal by sliding on O-ring seals: dirt that could be deposited on the surface of the valve could eventually accumulate on the O-rings and prevent the valve from sliding freely, causing it to slowly return to the closed position or even blocking it, resulting to a continuous water supply.


What are the solutions?

In this case, Rubinetteria Monolith recommends precise maintenance by lubricating the O-ring seals with LOXEAL 9 grease. Here below are the instructions.


After closing the water supply, it is necessary to:

1)      Remove the seeger (1) from the pivot (2) of the pedal lever (3)



2)      Remove the pivot (2) from the pedal lever (3)


3)      Remove the lever (3) from the body (4) of the pedal





4)      Unscrew the fitting (5) from the body (4) of the pedal, in the direction of the arrows using a SW22 key




5)      Remove the button (6) from the connector (5). Grease the O-rings with food fat type LOXEAL 9 or replace the button (6) with O-ring already mounted and greased.




6)      Insert the button (6) which has been greased in the fitting (5).




7)      Correctly insert the pedal pivot (7) into the button (6) and then screw the connection (5) into the body (4) of the pedal, in the direction of the arrows using a SW22 key.




8)      Assemble the lever (3) with the pivot (2) and the seeger (1).




9)      Reopen water supply.


For any further information about Rubinetteria Monolith’s foot-operated taps maintenance, do not hesitate to contact us, our sales and technical teams will be happy to help you.